Osteopathy is a science, an art, and a philosophy all rolled into one living expression.  It is the understanding of normal, so that the abnormal can be both recognised and engaged towards health, following the direction of ease.  The science can be seen as the study of living anatomy and all its working constituents, a constantly changing dynamic and an eternal expression of life itself.  This scientific approach is inclusive of a continued exploration of what we know and what we do not know, so that we may serve both humbly and more effectively as our knowledge changes, and our awareness opens to deeper thruths.  The philosophy is a dynamic understanding of life in motion, and the natural laws in place that allow for growth and development to occur through form and function, and conscious expression.  The art is the hands on application of the science and philosophy through an intimate and evolving relationship, not through technique, but rather methodology and means that aim to harness therapeutic change, and ultimately the expression of health unique to each individual.  Osteopathy is a pure gift that is given out of love and service to humanity.  Welcome to our site, we hope we may be of help.  

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