Welcome to our clinic page.  

Myers Street Osteopathy is a family health centre located in the heart of the vibrant village of East Geelong. Our clinic offers osteopathy and complimentary medicine modalities, including naturopathy and massage.  The clinic arose out of a deep love and respect for Osteopathy, and a desire to share our treatment space and clinical work with other like minded and symbiotic health professionals.

In 2015 we moved from Ryrie Street Osteopathy (just around the corner where we operated for 8 years) to our wonderful new location of 275 Myers Street. on the corner of Myers and Connor Streets. Our work space is a beautiful old brick cottage that was previously used as the traditional chinese medicine rooms of Dr Lim Seng Heng.  Dr Lim was a wondeful person who serviced the greater Geelong community for over 50 years.  Part of his legacy was to see the building carried forward as a space for health care.  It is a peaceful and warm place and we enjoy sharing it with our patients and each other.  

At Myers Street Osteopathy, our aim is pure, to find the indwelling health within each person and help them to get well.  We are here to serve you, and through you our greater community.   As Osteopaths, our approach is supported through a 5 year undergraduate university program, followed by a 10 year post graduate practical education.  Dale and Beth have completed the complete post-graduate program in a Biodynamic approach to traditional Osteopathy.  It may be helpful for you to know that as primary practitioners, you do not need a GP referral to see our Osteopaths.

Osteopathy is a service that harnesses the body's constant movement towards normal; its innate capacity to heal.  We understand that the body needs to be viewed as a single unit of function if we are to find cause and allow the body to truly heal.  

As mentioned above, Osteopathy to us is a love and a passion.  More than that, it is a way of life, a set of living principles that pertain to Wholeness and the balance that is required to permit optimal health.


* Please see the practitioners tab for more information about each of us.

Dr Dale Wilson - Osteopath

Dr Beth Clarke - Osteopath

Alexis Flannery - Naturopath

Rhonda Watson - Massage Therapist

Other staff - Jackie Lord

Jackie is the clinic coordinator and part time receptionist at Myers Street Osteopathy. Whenever you call, you are most likely to speak to her.  Jackie and her husband Dale founded Ryrie Street Osteopathy together in 2007 and made the exciting transition to Myers Street Osteopathy in 2015.

Jackie is an incredibly creative soul and masterful multitasker, appearing to have 6 hands instead of 2.  When she is not helping to run the clinic, Jackie is enjoying her time making jewellery, soy candles, and hand made soap under her business labels Betsy Blonde, andFickle Soy Candle & Soap Co. Check out Jackie's merchandise in the clinic or online at www.betsyblonde.com and www.ficklesoycandleco.com  

Jackie has recently moved to the majestic Otway ranges with Dale and their 3 dogs.  Among other pursuits, dreams, and magical ideas, she is hoping to return to her love of training with the circus where she wants to further pursue her passion for flying through the air on the trapeze. Down time wise, she loves to read, and hang out in nature with the animals.  

We are all truly blessed to have Jackie as a part of our lives. Her compassion and understanding extend well beyond her years, and her capacity to extend this wisdom to our patients as well as a vast knowledge of what we do and how we can help is an integral part of our clinic.  She is a wonderful gift, and with her wonderful capabilities you will always be in great hands.  

Part time staff - Freckles, Frankie, & Phoenix

These 3 are the resident chocolate labradors that when given the opporunity, love to come in and meet the patients in the clinic. The older 2 (Freckles and Frankie) particularly like children, and are known to reside in the treatment room where they can relax and find a nice warm corner to rest in whilst the patient gets treated. 

Phoenix is Frankie's daughter and is still very much a live wire. Having survived an initial scare of pneumonia as a 2 week old due to a cleft lip that made feeding as a a pup very difficult, she has since kicked on and seemingly lets nothing stop her.  To us she is very special, a truly magical being with a twinkle in her eye.  Pheonix has a tremendous spirit and joy for life.  She is a real healer and a true enigma.

Freckles is the spiritual leader of the dog pack, more of a human than a dog if you ask her. She seems to have royalty in her blood lines as she is often caught striking a rather regal crossed legged pose, and 'allowing' others to be in her presence.  Nothing phases her, and her favourite place in the world is the beach, where he loves to swim and dig in the sand.  The simple joys..  Freckles is a remarkable and large spirit, and she has always related better to humans than she does to dogs.  But then of course, she is only human!  She is very sweet.

Frankie is the mother of all mothers, maternal to the bone, she loves everyone and everything, and just wants everybody to get along. She is a real healer in her own right, and likes to do things in circles (literally). Franks, as she is known, is very special indeed, and we continue to learn a lot from her.  She is the sweetest dog with children, and having had 2 litters herself, knows only too well the connection between a mother and her offspring.  Frankie is remarkably gentle and compassionate.  The perfect treatment companion.  

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