Naturopathy is a holistic practice that aims to understand the origin and underlying cause of a person’s health presentation. Practitioners encompass all aspects of a person’s health in order to advise, educate and facilitate ascension to a higher state of wellbeing. Naturopathic philosophy sees health as a dynamic balance of mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and physical parts. All are connected and can influence each other in positive and negative ways. By encompassing all aspects of health in a treatment plan results are profound, sustainable and often surprising.


Naturopathy is an eclectic practice and in Australia predominately utilises the modalities of herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and homeopathy. Evidence for treatments chosen is drawn from traditional knowledge from a history of use in a traditional medical system, and from modern scientific data including clinical research.


Naturopathic advice and treatment is useful at all stages of health from prevention, acute infections, chronic health issues and terminal disease states. It aims to educate and uncover an understanding of our constitutional tendencies and individual pathways to poor health. This knowledge can be transformed into skills and resources to encourage wellness through the diet, lifestyle and activities ideally suited to each individual. Consultations can be tailored to achieve many outcomes including education, constitutional assessment, health treatment and prevention.

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