Children can show us more about healing than imaginable.  

With specific training, Osteopaths can find a way to engage with the indwelling healing capacity that is innate to children.  Dale and Beth have spent many years following the Biodynamic or Traditional Osteopathic model, and are both very experienced in the treatment of children.  

With our hands, we go about the task of looking for the health in the child, or sensing for normal function.  It is seeing a part of them that is perfect, and meeting them there.  Children love being seen in this way, as it is relaxing and non-threatening.  

At our clinic, we use a non-manipulative approach to the treatment of children that does not involve force.  Instead, we engage with involuntary mechanisms that take place throughout the body, and work with the relationship between the motion and space that occupies the body.  This more indirect approach allows us to synchronise with the healing process which is already present in the child's system.

Dale and Beth have been trained to work in a specific way that focuses on the innate healing process in children.  This treatment often feels really good for the child.  The treatment approach becomes a way in which the child is held and supported as they heal.  As is the case for adults, the therapeutic forces that create the child through the process of growth and development, are the same forces that create changes towards health.

In life, we hit our head, fall over, eat something our body doesn't like, catch colds, get emotionally upset, all whilst going through massive changes in growth both physically and perceptually.  It is normal to miss a few beats from time to time and get out of sync with what drives us forward.  Sometimes we don’t even know why but we just aren't ourselves.  This is when osteopathic treatment may help.

After a case history to help discern the cause of the upset or imbalance, the treatment process involves children sitting or lying on the table and playing with some toys, reading a book, or just having a little rest.  Our hands will be gently resting on them, but not necessarily where it hurts.  It's useful for parents to know that throughout this process it is not necessary for the child to be still, so if your child is a wriggler don't worry, that's normal!  We can still do our job :)

The treatment approach we use is normally quite fast with children.  Every treatment is unique, and every person is unique.  The objective is always the same, to support the innate healing forces present.  With the right approach and skill set, we can utilise this mechanism and find the direction of ease that leads the system back towards health.  These 2 points are important to know, as our Osteopathic belief is that health is always present, and its movement only ever follows the direction of ease.

In short, we don't need to "fix" them, as like you and me, children have the capacity for change already within.  Some would argue even more so.  Rather, our approach is about finding a way to communicate with and harness this capacity for change, so that it becomes free to express itself fully.

We see a vast range of presentations from new born babies who have had a difficult entry into the world, to kids who are sick or have had an injury or whose behavior is a problem.

We always refer to a medical doctor if we feel it is required. We take a holistic and integrated approach towards your childs health and well being. Osteopathy is one avenue that you may consider, and if so, feel free to get in touch with any questions, or simply book online.   

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