Dr Dale Wilson - Founder & Osteopath

Dale feels like he didn't find Osteopathy, rather it found him, after a chance encounter with a friend.  This discovery soon flourished into a love affair that has spanned nearly 20 years of study and treatment.  There is a synergy with life when you come across something that resonates and aligns with the core of your being, and this is how Dale feels every day he gets to practice as an Osteopath.  Learning the simple yet profound principles for the first time was like meeting a new friend that you instantly felt like you have known forever. 

Dale has studied intensively on a post-graduate level with the founder of a Biodynamic approach to Osteopathy in the Cranial Field; Dr James Jealous in the U.S.  For Dale, it has been a privilige and an honour in the deepest respect to be exposed to the teachings, mentoring, and experience bestowed through Dr Jealous and his international faculty in the Biodynamic approach.  He has completed all 9 phases and 3 'treatment of children' phases, revisiting most courses multiple times. 

Dale has spent the last 13 years travelling to and from the U.S. in order to pursue the calling of studying Osteopathy in this specific approach.  Osteopathy has been lived into the very fabric of Dale's life, and his commitment to service is at the core of his being.  For him, it is a privilige of the highest order to participate in the sacred and intimate exchange that is an Osteopathic treatment.  

The treatment of all ages is of equal interest to Dale, and he loves the diversity that presents on a daily basis.  He regularly sees the whole family, and cannot bring to words the joy that is felt by having the opportunity to help people in their healing journey.  

On a personal level, Dale is a lover of nature, and is completely at ease in the natural world, whether it be in the ocean, or hands in the dirt.  So when he is not working he loves nothing more than to spend his spare time outside exploring all that there is to be enjoyed.  Living in the forest overlooking the ocean in Skenes Creek, Dale finds himself enamoured with the beauty of it all.  Nature is a doorway to Dale's work life, a living presence that he reveres as a great teacher.

Dale's affiliation and love of plants has him growing his own food where possible.  Akin to the bush and open spaces, he also loves animals, all shapes and sizes... He and his wife Jackie have 3 chocolate labradors, Freckles, Frankie, and Phoenix.  They also have many chickens, and like to spend time with them whenever possible.  


Dr Beth Clarke - Osteopath

Beth is a graduate of RMIT Osteopathy, (B App Sc and B Osteopathy), and has conducted practices in Warrnambool, Melbourne, Canberra and San Francisco, USA.  She has completed much post-graduate study in Osteopathy, notably with Dr James Jealous, completing the highest and most current Phase 9 course, in addition to the Treatment of Children course. She was privileged to work with Dr Viola ? while in the USA.  Beth is supremely grateful to her Australian and American teachers who continue the oral and experiential teachings with a clear lineage back to the founder of Osteopathy, Dr Andrew Still, in 1874.

Beth deeply values the gentle nature of Biodynamic Osteopathy, and recognises its application to all ages and stages of life, particularly pregnancy and infancy.  Beth especially enjoys working with babies and children, with whom she has a natural affinity, viewing the world with a sense of wonder, fun and discovery.  Beth is proficient in treating birthing trauma, which many infants have experienced, and other childhood disorders. The biodynamic approach is equally suited to treating the elderly, with whom Beth has a deep connection, respect and understanding.

Beth is a committed, accomplished and skilled practitioner who is able to treat all age groups and health issues.  Her treatments, while being non-invasive and gentle, have a powerful effect in enabling the body to return to optimal wellness and health.

Michelle Hand - Soulful Counselling

Hi, I am Michelle Hand, welcome to Soulful Counselling.  My style of counselling is as unique as the individual you are. I weave traditional counselling with a varying array of holistic, thoroughly researched, accredited and diverse modalities.

This allows for a refreshing and insightful experience for you, as any emotional pain or sense of despair is a cry from the soul, signalling the need for support.  It is my hope for you to feel seen, heard and nourished with each session.  I give you the time to press “pause”,  breathe and re-connect to you.

To work in collaboration together as I support you to gently journey within and guide you to reconnect to your heart, your true essence.  Holding the space for to feel safe, to open, release and grow from the emotional blocks, trauma, tragedy or challenging life experiences.  Supporting you to gain clarity and discover your purpose in life, freeing you from the overwhelming emotions which have been blocking you from seeing your uniqueness and gifts you hold within.  To re-connect with yourself.

I will share with you practical tools and strategies which you will be able to draw from at anytime, when you need, whenever you are. Helping you to adapt well in the face of adversity by becoming consciously mindful of your behaviours, thoughts and actions, no matter how challenging or devastating the situation.  For it is always dark before the light. What was once fearful can now been seen in a new light, through a new lense.

I am passionate to share this unique style of soulful counselling, to guide and support you with compassion, wonder and hopefulness.  I am a believer in any thing is possible, even when all seems impossible.  The result is healing and transformative.  

This is soulful work, for you.  To fully embrace life experiences with your mind, body and soul.  For me personally it has been profoundly life changing in the most heart warming ways....that is a story for another day.  I welcome you to call or book in here at the Myer Street Osteopathy clinic to book in for this transformative experience.

My contact number is 0407 827 858

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