What is Biodynamic Osteopathy?

The Biodynamic reality forms the framework for the understanding that in order to achieve sustainable health in the patient, the body must be approached as a dynamic living organism inseperable from its environment.  In short it must be seen through the reality of wholeness.  

Through extensive training and years of clinical application, Osteopaths skillfully learn how to use their hands to sense the intrinsic health in the patient.  This communication allows for co-operation with the health and its intention towards normal.  As A. T. Still the founder of Osteopathy famously said "skill is proportionate to an understanding normal."  

A Biodynamic Approach to Cranial Osteopathy as a teaching program was developed by Dr. James Jealous D.O. some 30 years ago.  Dr. Jealous is a world renowned Osteopathic teacher with over 50 years of clinical and teaching experience.  This teaching of pure Osteopathic principles and their clinical application evolved from many Osteopathic teachers and mentors Dr. Jealous worked with throughout his life.  

Although an extrapolation of the wisdom that has occured through the rich history of Osteopathic physicians over 100 years, the Biodynamic approach is nonetheless fundamentally based on the teachings of Dr. A .T. Still, the founder of Osteopathy, and Dr. W. G. Sutherland,the founder of Cranial Osteopathy.  The teaching has a direct lineage from the original source, or what is today known as traditional Osteopathy.  

Dale and Beth have all spent many years travelling the U.S. to undergo specific training in the Biodynamic approach to Cranial Osteopathy under Dr. Jealous' personal guidance and tuition.  They have also had a wealth of experience with some other wonderful teachers at home and abroad, namely Dr. Robyn Seamer and Dr. Manuela Da Rin in Australia.  

More on Biodynamic principles

The word Biodynamic can be defined as life ever changing in motion, what is outside influencing what is inside, and the perpetual balance between.  Life is a constant unfolding from moment to moment, nothing can ever be repeated, and what we perceive when connected to the moment in its totality is an awareness that sees life as an image in timeless motion.  

Life experienced through this awareness is a freedom that is felt as our true nature, where we are at one with life.  We experience this reality through a memory in our health.   In the context of healing, a relationship with health allows transformation and transmutation to occur through the expression of itself, our perfect embryological blueprint.  This matrix begins in the formation of the embryo, and remains throughout life.    

Health is our natural state.  This is very important to remember.  No one can give you health, or make you healthy.  You already are, and your perfection is an inner state that shines through all suffering.  For a true Osteopath, to find the indwelling health is the pure objective of osteopathy.  It is simple.

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